The FUN way to build a HEALTHIER SELF!

Welcome to the new (worthwhile) Selfie! Selfworkz is only new, but as it grows it will become the fun and easy way to build a healthier happier self!

So sign up, and take a look at the helpful articles,enjoyable games and worthwhile activities that are all designed to make you feel good about you. We all deserve a little bit of time for our self, so spend it at Selfworkz!

Need more reasons to get started - read on...

We go on and on today about our jobs, our relationships, our kids, our cars, our houses, and all the other stuff, but we forget to put a little time into the one thing that we will always have, and always need: our self! I mean if we are broken and not functioning at our peak, how are all those we love and cherish, or those who rely on us in some way going to function properly?

I am sure you have all heard of self esteem and self confidence, and most people will agree that confidence is not only very useful when getting stuff done, but also tends to make you more attractive, desirable and charismatic. Our modern life has waged a war against our self concept, and the bad news is it’s winning! Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and other related mental illnesses are epidemics of our modern world. I myself am a sufferer of Depression and know intimately that it not only makes me feel down, but it makes my stomach more susceptible to upset (indigestion), my skin more susceptible to irritation (itches and rashes) and my head definitely more likely to ache!

We manage to eat 3 or more times per day, and sleep for at least a few hours each day/night, so why can we not put aside a few minutes for our self! The answer is we can, and we should, and we here at Selfworkz will be building the website especially for this purpose. We will have articles, games, questionnaires and quizzes all designed to build a happy healthier self.

So sign up, and get started. And make sure you come back for 10 to 15 minutes each day, as new content will be made available regularly, and like anything, long lasting positive change will only happen with repetition and commitment.

What a great New Years Resolution – Selfworkz in 2015!

Kindest Regards, The Selfworkz Team!



Your body is your temple, do you treat it like one?

Our body is our vehicle, it is the thing that protects and transports everything that is uniquely us around in this life. Is your vehicle a Bentley or a Billy cart? Let’s jack it up, pop the bonnet and see what we can do to really get you going.


Your mind – it’s all in your head!

There really is no substitute for a good attitude. Perception is reality, and if you are looking at the glass half empty, then emptiness is all you are going to get! Let’s fill that cup all the way to the top, nah stuff it, let’s let it runneth over!




Jimmy Barnes – “You can’t make love without a soul”

Our soul is the most beautiful part of all us, yet, it’s the place we hide away and often only let a precious few see. When a painting is beautiful we put it in a gallery for all to enjoy. So let’s get our soul out, dust it off and put it out there for all to see in all it’s glory.

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